Shaping The Minds That Will Shape The Future


"I took the ACT 2 times and the highest score I got was a 19.  After 5 sessions with Mr. Benson I took the test again and scored a 26!" - Tonya J. High school senior.

"My SAT score went from 1060 to 1420.  The tutors really knew how to prepare me for the test." - James P. High school senior.

"My daughter was NOT a math person, but after working with Mr. Benson, math is now her favorite subject and she received an A for the last 2 quarters." - Stephanie L.  Mother of 9th grade geometry student.

"My son is a high school student and has had poor study habits.  One of the tutors at Invictus Academics showed him a better way to take notes and be more organized.  It really seems to be helping him.  He has not failed a quiz or test since meeting with the tutor." - Janice R.  Mother of Manatee County high school student.