Shaping The Minds That Will Shape The Future

Invictus Academics wants everyone to be successful in their educational endeavors.  We offer a wide range of services including:

* Tutoring - All subjects from K-12
All tutoring is provided by state licensed teachers in the subject area. At times, some tutoring may be performed by advanced high school or college students at lower cost.

* Student Volunteer hours - Students are eligible to volunteer in various roles with Invictus Academics to earn volunteer hours that count towards graduation and scholarships.  Volunteer hours also help with the college admission process.

* ACT/SAT Preparation
We help prepare students not only in the subject areas, but also on test taking techniques for improved scoring.

* End of Course Boot Camps
These 2-day courses refresh students on all topics from the beginning of the school year.

* Professional Development/Continuing Education
These classes are for licensed professionals seeking continuing education credits.

* Presentations to School Districts
We offer consulting services and training to school districts nationwide.

* College Prep/Planning/Advising
This service is for students who are in the process of choosing and applying to college. We help with the application process including preparing the students"academic resume".

* GED Completion
For those who would like to earn a GED, we do course prep on all four of the sections required to pass the GED.

Please fill out the form on our contact page for inquiries.